Sarasota Violin Academy


Cynthia Wiley Here are some quotes from past students and their parents.

From Students

"Just by seeing your passion, determination, and appreciation in playing the violin, I felt determined to play well."       Anne

"I've had fun with you and have enjoyed my lessons with you, but I wish my lessons were just a little longer."       Tiffany

"Over the past year, I have enjoyed playing the violin more than I ever could have imagined. Thank you for being so patient with me."       William

From Parents

"Your gentleness, kindness, wisdom, encouragement and sense of humor while teaching violin to our daughter are a sight to behold. Thank you for another precious year of violin. You always know exactly the best ways to teach and encourage my daughter."       Peggy

"Thank you for setting such high standards and pushing us to new limits. Our lessons and our practice are very special highlights of our week. "We are so grateful for the foundation in music that you have established for our daughter."       Christine

"Your special ways of sharing your God-given talent have really touched my daughter in a wonderful way! Your patience, your kindness, and your love for the children is so evident and so appreciated."       Linda

"Adding pieces (Suzuki Violin books, Barbara Barber series, Fun with Solos, etc.) and exercises (Hrimaly, Sevcik, Schradieck and Flesch) has widened our daughter's technical range and ability but has not taken away from the valued Suzuki qualities of memory and ear training. Cynthia has a heart for teaching young students. She has a gentle personality and teaches more by encouragement rather than by discipline and rebuke. In everything, she approached her teaching with love and respect."       Joe & Christine

Names, phone numbers and hard copies of references available on request.